Monday, June 16, 2014

Block 6 - French General - Broderie Perse

Loved this block.  I did the center circle which I placed on four separate leaf/ stem  parts.  The berries were fun to fussy cut from a lovely piece I had in my stash that was just big enough to give me 12.  Fun, fun.

Block 5 - French General - Broderie Perse

I think I have learned my lesson about putting off the rosebuds.  I had four blocks to do them on.  I certainly don't want to wait until I have 20 blocks to add them on.  And I don't want to not do them.  I am now caught up with blocks 5, 6.  I still haven't decided how many blocks I will do in I am holding off on the borders.  But I am enjoying this journey.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Block 6

Wow - we are on to the second row  - that feels like progress!
It was nice to do some more berries on this block - and I used the same fussy cut fabric as in the berries in my Block 3.
I'm not quite ready to do the border yet but it was lovely to get the pattern and be able to plan ahead. I wonder if anyone is starting the border yet?

Monday, June 9, 2014

Block 6 finished...

This block was very enjoyable to applique - I did choose to do the center from one piece of my fabric. Thought there was more "control" and using the back basting technique really made for an easier finish. Looking forward to prepping for the borders!

Worked on this relaxing in the RV while my husband was shooting skeet.

Happy stitching everyone!