Sunday, December 22, 2013

Welcome to Benjamin Biggs

Hi everyone

This blog has been set up for anyone that wants to post their progress, follow along vacariously, or get tempted to join in on this amazing new BOM.  All credits go to Sentimental Stitches and Dear Jane.  Any questions regarding the pattern or posting of patterns should be directed to these two ladies.
This is simply a venue to encourage and share.

This blog can accomodate 100 contributors.  I will moderate the blog and that means that you have to send me an email so I can invite you to the blog.

All comments will only be available on the blog, so if you post a question, please check back on the blog for any responses.  If anyone knows how I can direct each individual post back to the authors email, let me know. 

Label your post with your first name and last initial.  This post will be labeled SharonT.  Also label your post with the block you are posting.  Labels MUST be the same every time, so if you label it Block 1 and the next time you type block1, it will not be put in the same area on the blog. 
Please label them Block space number  ex: Block 12

If you have a block that is challenging, or you are working on a block in a different manner than others, please share.  I learned so much from the Beyond the Cherry Tree blog and all the contributors.  It also kept me motivated to finish that 25 block BOM.

If you are a blogger and want to point readers to this blog, feel free.  If anyone knows how to / wants to make a button, again, feel free and advise me what to do to get it out there.

My Applique Society group has several members who are joining in, please share this great project with your stitch group.