Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Blocks 3 & 4 - French General - Broderie Perse

Well, they still aren't totally done but are very close.  I still need to add the rosebud flowers (that look like artichokes) on Block 3 and do all of the handwork on the rosebuds on Block 4.  It is amazing how the applique imperfections are magnified in a pix....I should take them as I go and correct them.....but not now.  Maybe after school finishes this semester and I retire for the THIRD TIME.  :)
I decided to embroider the littlest stem in Block 3 at the end of each vine which I haven't done yet either.  It has been so fun going through all of my French General stash and finding flowers for the broderie perse.  Thank heavens block 4

 only had three flowers as that is all that I could find of that one.  However, even as I use up my French General stash.....it keeps growing and I hardly can get it back in the box even after pulling out what I am going to use.  Can anyone explain that to me?   I certainly am enjoying this quilt and can't wait for Block 5.  Hopefully I will have the rosebuds done before it comes out.


  1. Really like your flowers on the latest block, all coming along nicely!

  2. Lovely. It's good to see the different colorway.

  3. Great blocks - the broderie perse applique' is lovely!

  4. I just love your Broderie a Perse blocks