Monday, March 24, 2014

Block Two for me

Things are somewhat back to normal and it shows.  I got block 2 done! I was going to use a different green and red for the middle, but since I think I have enough, I'm going to use the same green and red throughout.  Don't know why it took me so long - this is a fairly simple design with some big pieces.  I used the starch and freezer paper method I learned from Pearl's DVD.  So glad I got it!  Now I can start on 3 before 4 comes out - LOL.


  1. Nice block. How do you like Pearls DVD. Is it geared more toward beginners in this type of appliqué?

  2. It was, but I found a lot of great tips and I didn't know her method. Learning how to make 1/8th inch bias stems was worth it's weight in gold for me. Will come in handy in block 3.