Friday, February 7, 2014

Here are blocks 1 and 2 together:

I decided to change the corner leaves from the pattern to make them look more like rose leaves, because the buds look like rosebuds to me.  I drew out a pattern on freezer paper of how I will place the corner rosebuds and leaves on each block, with a rosebud on each block corner, and a leaf on each seam where two blocks are sewn together.  Pic of my pattern:
I am using all red, green and yellow fabrics for this quilt.  I am having fun with it so far.  My blog is here:  Small Quilts and Doll Quilts
Judy Hansen


  1. I like your little buds and leaves, they look way nicer than the original design. On it's own the original buds and leaves are nice but they really don't do anything visually for the quilt overall I think.

  2. Very nice. Your buds and leaves will be so pretty in the finished quilt.

  3. Great idea! I love clever personalizations.

  4. Great start - it looks lovely. You are truly making it your own :)