Sunday, February 2, 2014

Question about future borders

Now that we have received the 2nd block pattern, am looking at the 10 yards of background that will be used. Maybe I missed earlier estimates as to how much fabric to put aside for the borders? Based on the completed size of the quilt - 100 x100 would it be safe to assume we will need 3 1/2 yards for the borders. Sounds like our borders will be about 10" wide? We are getting 4 18" blocks cut from each yard of background x 25 blocks. So I am counting on using the other 6 1/2 yards for the blocks. Math was never my strong suit so hoping you can correct me or confirm. Thanks much.

Happy stitching!

Pat T

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  1. I would be cutting 2 blocks across the width of fabric but instead of cutting off the 16" strip selvage to selvage, knowing that the quilt is 100 x 100 approx. I would cut 3 yards of bg and then cut down one selvage edge so I have a 32 or 34" strip and then I would have a long left over strip to use for a border. That way it's cut on the length grain, and it's all one piece. Hope this makes sense