Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Another Version

I'm not as far along as Marjorie, but I, too, found a version I like better.  In fact the more I studied the pattern for block 1,  wondered if the maker had gotten the patten that already had the seam allowance added when she went to work on it.  That block would look a lot different if my supposition is correct.  However the one that caught my eye when I googled the name is this one at that site:
It's the fleur-de-lys block upon which the Apple Pie Ridge block is supposedly based, and I've decided to make it my block 1 instead of the other.  I think it's more in keeping with the blocks to come. So then where was I to get a pattern for this block? Going with the info that the Apple Pie block was folded paper cut-out work, I decided to construct my pattern thusly.  The first thing I did was save the image and enlarge it with my big picture program.  I enlarged it to a 14" square.  I then printed it out and saw if it was the right size.  It was. Then I printed it.  

I then chose one quarter of the pattern to be my guide.  Since this block was appliqued by someone, I  evened out some of the parts to compensate for the vagarity in the shape.  I then trim all the background off.  I folded a 14" square of freezer paper into fourths and stapled my patten onto it.
Cut all around the shape except where it touches the folded edges.Looks like below when open. The freezer paper template is ready to use in various applique methods. The template can be found at my blog under free patterns tab.

Here's where I'm at so far:


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  2. Love it! After I finished mine, I had wished I'd done a double scroll too.

  3. Love it!! Where can I find your blog?

    1. Go to:

  4. Wow!! Its great to see another interpretation of the block.

  5. Thank you for posting how you did this, I used your instructions to re-draw my block too. Cheers, Rowena my blog