Saturday, January 25, 2014

House Keeping for Blog

Wow, what a great showing we have already.  I'm still working on my block but it's going very slow.  Life!!  Just a reminder, when you post to this blog, please label your post with your name and the block you are posting.  There is an earlier post with this info if you missed it at the beginning.

This will allow viewers to go to the list of posters, click on your name and see all your posts OR they can click on a block number and see all the versions that are on here.  I've gone in and added labels for a few of you, please use the same format for every label so you don't get duplicated on the list.

Hope you have time for a stitch or two this weekend! I'm planning on some time tonight.


  1. Hello! My name is Celine from Laval, Quebec, Canada. I would like to be part of this group for the Benjamin Biggs quilt journey. I'm actually sewing this quilt.
    My blog is:
    I don't know where I could ask for that. Thanks for help!

  2. Sharon - I do not blog, but am making the quilt and would like to post to this blog, but don't know how. I have just finished the third block and am all caught up. Could you let me know how I can post.
    Sharon P.