Saturday, January 18, 2014

Block One Decisions

I am almost finished stitching on the first block and have already started rethinking my fabric choices.
Not that I don’t like them but I am already working on the Chester Criswell quilt which is a two year project and it’s all red and green.  I am using darker reds and a different green so I thought it would look different but it seems to look so much the same.  Are there any other colors in this quilt.
Maybe a darker background would help. What do you all think?
Nancy R.


  1. Nancy your work is lovely! Know what you mean - with 25 large blocks to do we have to be happy as we go along. If you like your colors, maybe audition something with a different scale to it or a piece with more definition in the color - more highlights? A background tat has a floral look but tonal? We will be investing in 10 yards for background and sure want to make the right choice! Just some random thoughts over my morning coffee...

  2. Go to the Beyond the Cherry Tree blog and see different ideas. Mimi/Faye did hers with scrappy backgrounds and it was gorgeous. I've seen it done in browns and blues, Gorgeous! Batiks would be fabulous, just make sure you love what you are working on!

  3. I'm going to be using red and green but it will be a scrappy one. I like the idea mentioned of a scrappy background. Too soon to tell if it is too dark. Excellent work.

  4. Oh bummer, I see what you mean, they are pretty fabrics but not very contrasty. When I am not sure about my fabric choices I like to pin the block on a wall quilt in my home so I can see how it looks in the light if my home and at different times of the day etc.

  5. sorry you not sure of the color. when i first saw you color, i wanted to change my color.
    kathleen mary